ever heard of the fourth trimester?

Yeah... it's a thing. It's a pretty darn big thing. Lucky for you, I offer a base of three postpartum visits with all of my birth packages. These visits are typically done at 24 hrs, 3-4 days, and 3-4 weeks. These visits include me coming to your home and checking on you and baby. While there I can do a lot of stuff. I can answer any questions you have, offer basic breastfeeding and lactation support, hold your baby while you catch up on sleep, babysit any other little munchkins you have running around, clean (honestly, I love cleaning. Whether it's the clutter on your counter or the dirt on your floor. I'm so there.), cook a meal, and run any errands for you to make sure you're all stalked up on food and any motherhood necessities you didn't think about before your baby arrived.

If two visits isn't enough, don't worry, I can come back and do more for as many hours as my schedule allows at a base rate of $25/hr. And if you were already wondering, yeah, I'm available through phone call or text whenever you may need me. Maybe that labor mind got the best of you and you're having a hard time remembering what exactly happened during labor. Maybe you just need to talk it out and process the amazing experience that you went through. And maybe transitioning into motherhood isn't want you thought it would be and you just need someone to listen. I'm here for you girl. You've got this. 

This is a time when you and your partner are supposed to be focused on bonding with your new child and not stressing about everything else that's going on around you. So give yourself some peace of mind and take a look at the different packages I am currently offering. I promise you won't regret it. 

"There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one." - Jill Churchill